Thursday 6 August 2009

Old classmates meet for a meal. One of them is played by Ying Hu (Hu Die), it is her house where they meet. Each tells what happened to her since their separation, ten years earlier. Their stories reveal that they are not all happy: Shu Xuan (Xuan Jinglin), at first a radiant bride, is rejected by her husband even though she is pregnant by him. Wen Zhu (Zhu Qiuhen) is fired for failing to respond to the advances of her boss’s son. Ling Xu (Xu Jinfang), leads a comfortable life, starts gambling and loses all her savings. When wanting to try her luck one last time she bets a winter coat of her husband, and a scandal is inevitable. Yun Xia (Xia Peizhen), depressed following the death of her husband is mad with grief, when her daughter disappears ...

In this episodic film, Die HU has an important role since it is her home where the old friends meet. This collective work gathers all the directors and scriptwriters, all stars and all the players - sixty - Studio Mingxing. The idea of Xia Yan was to film together eight short stories, showing various facets of women’s lives and connect them by a thread. This is the first attempt of this kind in China.

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